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Moonlight Threading offers customers a wide range of services including eyebrow threading and, facials, waxing, henna tattoo and eyelashes extension all in one setting. Following services are provided from our group of well-trained and highly experienced professionals.

Threading is a method of hair removal by a cotton threads to pluck out unwanted hairs in eyebrow and other facial regions including forehead, upper lips, cheeks, chin and neck. By removing line of hairs, it gives a more streamlined and a cleaner appearance to a person’s look. Threading allows the costumers to obtain any style they desire, ranging from arch and round shapes to straightened shapes. Since no synthetic products are used, threading is a safe procedure with no risks of chemical side-effects.

Facial procedure including cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction and facial massage is designed to improve the health and beauty of the skin. Proper facial treatment not only rejuvenates the face but also provides mental relaxation and slows down premature aging by enhancing blood circulations and muscular relaxation. Moonlight Threading offers high quality facial services including European facial. We use the best products available in the market, such as Dermalogica, in order to insure great costumer satisfaction. The following services are provided in the facial procedure:

Waxing is another method of hair removal. In contrast to threading, it is done using a thin layer of wax and a paper or cloth strips (called strip waxing). A thin layer of wax is applied to the hair in the skin and a paper or a cloth strip is then pressed against the wax. This strip tightly binds to the hair, and when quickly pulled out against the direction of the hair growth, the attached hairs are pulled out from the skin. Although waxing can be done in any part of the body, Moonlight Threading gives priority to the threading service for eyebrow shaping and cleaning.

Henna Tattoo is an art of applying temporary tattoo (also called Mehudi) using the plant product "Henna". Henna has natural staining properties. It is a traditional free-hand method of decorating the skin with colorful adornments. This tattoo can be applied to any part of a body, including the hand, arm, leg and neck regions. In many South Asian cultures, women put on these tattoos during special occasions such as marriage ceremonies and birthdays. Moonlight Threading offers Henna Tattoo services by experienced professionals. Since Henna tattoo utilizes natural plant products and thus has no chemical side-effects. Therefore, it is a safe non-permanent tattooing.

Eyelash extensions are methods of enhancing the length, curliness and thickness of natural eyelashes. This procedure makes client’s own lashes looks fuller, longer, and more attractive without appearing unnatural. This technique utilizes human hair or synthetic materials for the extension. The technique involves stacking, lengthening and thickening the extensions into the individual natural eyelashes using specific eyelash glues/adhesives. Moonlight Threading offers the services of eyelash extension through our certified professionals.